How It All Began

It all began with a passion and a dream to speak Spanish fluently. I always thought that the easiest and best way to learn a language would be to immerse oneself in that culture and that environment. That way you would be forced to use the language and of course the added bonus of living abroad. I seriously thought about moving to a Spanish speaking country after I graduated from Rutgers University but in the end I decided to move to Houston, Texas instead for school related goals.

Fast forward to 5 years later, and I am moving to Spain to learn Spanish and immerse myself in their culture. I chose Spain for various reasons but my top reasons where the easy accessibility to other European and African countries, the high demand for TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign language) teachers, and the affordability of the cost of living in Spain.

The process….

There are a lot of different ways and programs that allow you to move abroad to learn a new language or to teach. It really just depends on you, where you want visit/live and what language do you want to learn.

I chose the program that TT Madrid offers because it combined a 4-Week intensive TEFL course and 10 months of Spanish classes. This program allowed me to obtain a yearlong student visa. (which is important to be able to legally work in the country)

Once I chose a program everything else feel into place. Yes its hard work to get some things together but in the end everything worth having takes sacrifice and hard work.

The Journey……

Tickets to Madrid were not that expensive at all. A round trip ticket from JFK to MAD cost about $450 to $500 depending on how late you book the ticket. Come on now, some trips to different states cost that much or just about depending on where you are going.

My journey to learning a new language has begun and I am excited to see what countries I can explore while in Madrid.

Let’s explore together!!!!

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