First Week in Madrid

If I have to climb another stairs again I seriously might scream. (Just kidding. Kind of) One of the things I had to wrap my head around when I arrived to Madrid is the amount of stairs I have to climb. (my legs and butt better be amazing after this experience) I mean seriously I don’t think they believe in elevators.

On a serious note, the move to Madrid wasn’t too bad. So far, I haven’t had a lot of culture shocks. I think thus far the major shock has been the amount of stairs I have to climb every day. I’m sure some of you are saying stop being lazy but for real when you have to climb everyday, everywhere, constantly, it would get old for you too.

Ok, let me try to move away from complaining about the stairs lol. The first week of classes for me have gone smoothly. Before starting the 4-week intensive course, it was stressed that the course would be very intensive but so far it’s been ok. The first week was just very long because class was from 9:30-6:30pm so by the time I got home I didn’t want to do anything but eat and sleep. I am not staying in the heart of Madrid so my commute to and from school is a bit longer than others. But my little town of Humanes is quaint and cozy which makes it worth it to me.

The weekend finally came around and I had a few things planned. Friday was a short day in class. The evening starting with drinking a little sangria at home while preparing to head out to meet up with my classmates. 1st stop was Madrid De Nata. The place was ok a little weird and punk rockish. The drinks were expensive (not to mention horrible) and they don’t offer tapas with your drink. We ended up leaving and going to an English pub near by where my rum and coke was 5 euros (quite worth it being that it was pint glass and it was half way filled with rum)

Saturday was a day of exploring Humanes and doing laundry. Humanes is such a quaint town with a lot to offer. Mom and I only walked one side of the main street but we saw quite a bit of it. And of course we stopped in the clothing store to check out the bags and purses. Can you say good quality clothes for cheap and their purses were amazing.

Honestly, I haven’t had time to do much with the schedule that I have for this month. Exploring a little at a time is the motto for February.

So far the only shocker is… You guessed it, climbing the abundance of stairs.

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