Finally Exploring Madrid

The weekend!!!! It came and I concurred!

Finally got to explore some of what Madrid has to offer. Madrid is definitely a place to behold and has some interesting history. But we will get to that. Lets start from the beginning.

The school week was long and a bit hectic. Some of the classmates and I decided to unwind after class on Friday. We decided to go to Entre Caceres y Badajoz which was literally around the corner from school. Oh the tapas…. They were definitely a site but actually really delicious. So Madrid is basically a party city, for 2 euros you can order a beer and get a crap load of free food. So essentially that’s what we did only thing I didn’t order beer I ordered a whiskey and coke. Going with the theme of experiencing new foods and experiences I tried this dish called Morcilla for the first time. It was a little weird looking but actually tasted pretty good. Chilling with my classmates is always a great experience. They are a pretty cool bunch of people.


Side note: Has anyone seen the commercial for the show Santa Clarita. Well Madrid seems to love posting ads and commercials about this silly show. Its just so creepy looking with Drew eating fingers and bloody. Anyways that’s my little rant about that. Why I brought it up is because one the tapas reminded me of the little fingers in the ad.


Cannibalism anyone

An up close view of Morcilla

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to mom and I exploring the city. Saturday was a great day. I would definitely recommend the free MadRide Tour. It’s a 3-hour (yes I said 3, but don’t get scared. It’s a lot of walking and stopping to listen) walking tour that pretty much stops to all the important places. If my mom can do it, so can you. Mom was definitely a trooper, she’s been doing very well this trip. The tour guide tells you the history about the places we see and can I tell you Madrid has some seriously crazy history. It was a great day that ended with great food. The ended eating at Rosi La Loca where we got 2 drinks, first and second dish, and desert or coffee all for the price of 12,90 euros a person. Can I say the food was pretty good and big portions! Mom had paella, hake (fish) with tomato and mushroom cream. I had pasta with a spinach cream and veal and potato wedges. We both had cheesecake for desert.


Moms late lunch


My late lunch.. Yummy!!!!

After a late lunch we went shopping and walking around on our own. I usually like to explore on my own but I couldn’t beat hearing the history of Spain. As we were roaming around we stumbled upon a guy dance group that did hip hop and impersonated Micheal Jackson.  If your ever around Gran Via at about 6pm check them out. They show is really worth it.




If you are ever around Gran Via, you should definitely check them out. Their pretty cool.  Look them up on instagram @SACMJJ.

After all that excitement it was time for, you guessed it more food. I found this really amazing place called La Casa Del Abuelo that served amazing seafood. They have a few locations around the city but we went to the Original one. It’s a little more expensive but oh so yummy. Their bread is so fresh and delicious, and their food is piping hot (so for all my people out there who loves to eat hot food this is the place for it).

After doing a bit of work on Sunday, we headed out into town and our first stop was El Retiro. So, it’s a park. If you’re into that sort of thing they have a lot to offer. There is a lake where your can rent a boat, mazes, statues, and just plenty of space to enjoy the scenery. Well its fair to say that mom and I we aren’t park girls lol. We left as soon as we could (but you know we had to walk a bit because there aren’t many signs or a map so you just have to pick a direction and hope for the best). After that little adventure we went back to Rosi La Loca to eat and then just walked around for a bit more.


Our only picture in the park. We were in front of someone’s maze.

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