Finally Done with my TEFL Course

Finally Done!!!!

Hey there everyone, how’s it going? It has been a bit crazy lately so I wasn’t able to write like I wanted but its over. Finally completed the course and I have my certificate (whoop whoop).


The four-week course was really good. I learned a lot of grammar and different techniques to be an effective English teacher to non-native speakers. Honestly only the last week was hectic because of the fact I had my exam, my group project was due, and of course I still had my two classes to plan for and teach.

I am now ready to concur Madrid and looking forward to how everything plays out.

What am I up to now, you might ask. Nothing and everything. I am in the process of looking for a place of my own, looking for jobs, planning my next trip, and just trying to learn Spanish. Sounds like a lot huh? Honestly, not so much. Once you balance your time everything falls into place (well most things).


Happy International Women’s Day. I almost forgot and had to throw it in there for all my female travelers and a special shout to the solo female travelers. So since my mom came with me for the first month I haven’t been able to fully experience a solo trip. I have taken long flights by myself but usually to meet up with a group. Thinking about it, I wonder if my day layover in Seoul, South Korea counts. I spent 24 hours there where I left the airport and explored the city and stayed at a complimentary hotel by myself. Hmmmmm I do wonder. But anyways I will be embracing the solo travel experience fully now that my mom has left. 

Traveling with my mom was definitely interesting. I was so proud of her that she was able to keep up with me. Even when the mysterious pain ( and no I don’t mean it facetiously. It seriously came out of nowhere) in her feet came on she pushed through and still went out. But it was definitely a unique experience for me. Normally when I travel with friends or classmates we are out all day and almost always find something to do in the night. I usually never sleep but my trips with my mom were more relaxing and laid back. 

Shout out to my mama for being a trooper and a great travel partner. We still working on posing for the camera, hopefully she doesn’t forget all she learnt  on her next trip 

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