Beautiful Architecture in Barcelona

For my mom’s last weekend, I decided to take her to Barcelona and I must say it was worth the wait.


At MAD waiting to board our flight…

Barcelona is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and hidden treasures. Definitely a must see for those who appreciate beautiful artwork and buildings. Fun fact about the place, Barcelona didn’t have its first beach until the Olympics was held there in 1993.

We got in Saturday morning at about 11 am and to get into the city from the airport is quite simple. So you have two options, the metro and the city bus (this bus specifically runs from the airport to the city center, Catalunya). We ended up taking the city bus because a person at the tourism stand suggested it because she said it was faster. A one-way ticket cost 5,20 euros which is quite expensive but hey not to bad I guess. It was nice to enjoy the view as we got to the city center. But for future reference I will be taking the metro from the airport. Barca has 1,2,3, and 4 day metro passes that includes buses, trains, trams, and the special train to the airport. Our 3 day pass cost 22 euros each and worth every penny.

We stayed about 15 minutes (well be metro. You can walk and I think its like a 30 min walk but you know my mama wasn’t walking there for no reason) from Catalunya in a town called Gracia. The hotel I chose was quite clean and spacious. After dropping off our things we decided to go on a free tour. Kind of the biggest mistake of the trip lol. The tour we chose was not the best, he spoke of so much history and some depressing topics like Franco(which of course is taboo to even say the name here). The best thing he did for us was to show us some hidden gems we wouldn’t have necessarily seen on our own.

Church of Sant Felip Neri

 The tour was about 3.5 hours and we literally stayed within 10 mins walking distance (and this is my moms walking time) of the Catedral. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a history buff and love learning about that, then Andrew from Free Tour is your guy. For those who are like my mom and I, just not that interested then he is not your guy.

Overall, day one wasn’t too bad, we got to see the Catedral, the port, Columbus statue (can’t escape him), Picasso’s stomping grounds and the first art school he attended (his dad taught there). We ended the day eating in the hotel’s restaurant, which was pretty darn tasty.

Day two, I took the reins and was the tour guide (as per usual lol). We started the morning visiting Sagrada Familia (make sure buy tickets online to go inside. This will save you standing on massively long lines). What a beautiful piece of art and its not even done yet. Can you imagine how it will be once you can experience it in its fullness?

We then took the bus and stopped at Pl Espanya (can also get there on the metro) and explored that area and Parc de Montjuic in its fullness. So it was a little crowded because some biking/extreme sport tournament was taking place in front of Font Magica and the stairs of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.


We ended the day visiting Castell de Montjuic. This place had amazing views of the ocean one side and the whole city on the other.


So our hotel was literally a 15-20 min walk from Park Guell but we took the bus to get there and I must say we were pleasantly surprised. Once we got off the bus we still had to walk about 10 minutes to get to the edge of the park. Well what we thought was the park (come to find out it was just the gardens). It was beautiful scenery of the whole city. There were 3 ancient crosses (I guess ruins), and quiet trails to explore.

Overall Barcelona is a great place to visit with many different scenes it just depends what and who you are going with.

Another part of Spain discovered and conquered.


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