Snow!!! Seriously……

So, it was actually snowing in Madrid last thursday. Like seriously snowing and actually sticking. Granted it is nothing compared to snow falling in New York but snow none the less. I honestly thought that I left all the cold behind in the States.

Besides the complete shock of actually snow, I actually found a reggae club.  I can´t believe that I actually found one and it was pretty good. Didn´t fund any island men but one step at a time lol. The club is called The Jungle and only reggae, hip hop, and dancehall is playedon Saturday nights.Before going I didn´t have much hope that the place would actually be good but boy was I pleasantly surprised. The dj played a good mix of up to date music and as always I was still lost during the hip-hop session lol. But I am super excited to find this place because there is only so much bachata and salsa I can hear.

Surprisingly, I actually found two places that play reggae music but over the weekend I only checked out one place. In the next two weeks I will check out the other spot.

So in other news I am completely set for my trp during Holy Week. I am beyond excited and each week I will give a hint as to where it is I will be goin. This weeks hint is; One of the things this country is known for is their spices. What country am I?

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