The Beautiful City of Granada

I was able to bring in the month of May in Granada because it was Labor Day weekend and Madrid had an extra day of holiday on the first Tuesday of the month.  Granada is a beautiful city in the southern part of Spain.  My adventures began on Friday when I caught a 5 hour-long bus ride.  Why in the world would I do that, because it was significantly cheaper to take this mode of transportation!

Friday night was a buzz because I did a little celebrating before heading to Granada. Y’all I got my A1 certificate in Spanish.  I can officially talk in the past and present tense.  So before my bus left I went for tapas and drinks with my classmates at our favorite bar. Need I say more? Once I got to Granada, checked in, and planned out what I would do tohe next day I went straight to bed.

Enjoying  celebratory drinks and tapas.

Saturday was a new day and definitely an adventure.  The plan for that day was to go to Alhambra and then head over to the Sacromonte caves.  Hmmm, boy did that plan fail. Some how I missed the street I was suppose to turn off on for the Alhambra and ended up walking on Carrera del Darro. Of course I wasn’t disappointed because it was such a beautiful walk with a river and the view of a castle or so I thought.  A little back story, apparently if you want to visit Alhambra it is best to get tickets online and being that it was a holiday weekend no tickets were available until the following Wednesday (mind you I left Tuesday morning). The only way to possibly still get tickets is for an individual to wake up from 4am to line up outside the ticket office.  You should have seen my face when I heard that.  Please, nothing is ever that serious. Anyways, back to my adventure.  So I am walking down this beautiful street taking pictures, strolling, listening to the river, really just taking in the ambience.  I get to the top of a hill and stop to ask the receptionist in Casa del Chapiz how much longer until Alhambra cause on the map it looked like I had past it.  Chile, the lady told me how I past the street 20 mins ago and pointed to Alhambra and would you believe it was the pretty castle I was taking of pictures of.  Now just imagine if I had actually waited in line from 4am, for a place I didn’t even know what it looked like.

Apparently I was at the entrance of Sacromonte without even knowing it.  I decided to explore the caves and I walked and walked and walked and of course there were no caves but the view, absolutely amazing.  Finally I stopped a local and asked him, ´´where are the caves?´´  He said, ´´how technically I am walking through the caves and how it was built up but in another 100 meters I would see the natural caves.´´  (now you know I agreed with him but I in my head I was thinking how far is a 100 meters.)  I thanked him and he continued to walk his big ole dog. I basically walked for about 3 hours in Sacromonte alone looking for the elusive caves.  But can I tell you, the views were absolutely stunning and there wasn´t a soul in site because it was a cloudy/rainy day.  I finally went up a road that led to Abadia del Sacromonte (of course it was a road I had passed hours before) and got to the top and saw this beautiful church and when I looked to the left, OH MY GOODNESS that view was spectacular.



By far the best view of the whole city. This picture does not do it justice at all..

After spending about four hours in Sacromonte, I finally left and made my way back to the Alhambra. Of course, to actually get to Alambra requires going up yet another hill. Finally I make it to the entrance of Alambra and walk inside. Honestly, the architecture and the views is beautiful but doesnt blow me away. To be fair, after seeing the view of the city from Sacromonte nothing could compare after that. Also to be fair I could only see the free sections of Alambra but my hostel mate had a ticket and went inside and see showed me the pictures and it was ok to me. I say that because the Alambra has a very heavy moorish/arabic presence. The fact that I just came from Morocco and had my fill of moorish architecture I wasn´t sad that I didn´t get a chance to see inside the Alhambra.

I did some serious exploring my first full day here. Well really it was more getting lost and finding amazing views and I wouldn´t change it for the world.

Saturday night I meet a fellow solo traveler and we made plans to explore the city together Sunday. We both hadn´t explored the Albacin portion of the city so that was the plan for the day.  I got up pretty early because I had to check out of my hostel and check into another one so by 10am I had already moved and eaten breakfast.  My new friend hadn´t even gotten up as yet so I decided to explore a little while I waited for her. I was strolling around and stumbled upon the catedral. It didn´t look like much on the outside but I was pleasantly surprised when I entered. Inside was breathtaking, so grandiose and had a lot of much detail. We finally meet up at the catedral and had a leisurely walk throughout the Albacin.

Monday was suppose to be a chill day for me because I had already seen majority of the city but I still ended up walking quite a bit. I explored the jewish side of the city.

Granada has some of the most beautiful churches in the world.  The attention to detail on the inside of the churches is incredible.  Not to mention the fact that from the outside it looks like an ordinary building.

Are you wondering what the food is like here? Granada is known for giving their customers a free tapa with every order of drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks).  The tapas here are amazing, so flavorful and delicious.  I pretty much ate tapas the whole weekend. I tried Poes Bar because they had 4.9/5 stars for quality of tapas and drinks. Boy oh boy, they deserve 5 stars. You have 9 tapas to chose from 1 fish dish, 3 pork dishes, 3 chicken dishes, and 2 vegetarian dishes. I had 3 tapas and a drink for 6.5 euros. Throughout the weekend I stumbled on great restaurants and bars that served great tapas and was extremely cheap .

Overall, I had a great time and experience on my solo trip. I was in Granada for 4 full days and saw everything posible but you can spend a shorter time there and still be able to see everything. Honestly, 2 full days is sufficient if you are on a time table. Since I had a long holiday weekend, I decided to just visit Granada and not combine it with another city so I was able to liesurely see the city.


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