Back to Central America I went 

I made it to Antigua, Guatemala. Super excited to explore the country and take in the culture. 

So I originally planned to spend 4 days and 3 nights in Antigua but ended up only spending 2 days and nights and leaving at 7am on the third day. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty to do here but it just all depends on what you want to do. 

Now let’s talk about the good…

I arrived to Guatemala City early Tuesday morning after traveling all night. Getting out of the airport was super easy and the stand for the shuttles where in plain site. From Guatemala City to Antigua was about an hour (mind you that’s at 10am). I stayed at Hotel Colonial Antigua and it was quiet and clean (very much family oriented).  Once I put my stuff down, I went exploring and walking the city. Antigua is a very small town and you can walk it in about 30 mins. There is a lot to offer from hiking excursions to cooking and Spanish classes to chocolate and coffee tours. It really all depends on what your looking for. 

Pacaya Volcano  
I chose this volcano because it was the easiest one to climb and your able to roast marshmallows at the top. To hike up and down the volcano is a total of 6km ( which is 3.7 miles for all my folks who are like me and have no idea what the conversion is). Sad fact, it took me about  2 hours to go up (3km) the volcano. I know extremely sad, mind you that’s the easy hike. For experienced hikers, Acatenango takes 7+ hours to climb up (to put in perspective Pacaya for experienced hikers should only take about an hour if that to get to the top). Y’all if I had gone on the Acatenango hike I probably wouldn’t have survived. 

Overall though I enjoyed the experience even though there wasn’t any lava to roast my marshmallows. 

​Antigua has a very colonial feel to it through its architecture. Because the city is so small, you can see practically see everything in a day (but the type of traveler you are depicts the length of time it will take you to explore). For me, two days was sufficient since I am not a hiker nor did I go there to learn Spanish. 

Now unto the not so good things…

My first meal in Guatemala was chicken wings. I was so disappointed because I was expecting amazing food for cheap (of course all based on my time in Nicaragua).  I basically had wings one day and fries the next day but I did finally try some street food. Unfortunately that was a bust for me because of what I ordered and then when I tried again I just didn’t like it. So before going into this I knew I didn’t like tamales (or for that matter corn tortillas) but I gave it try and nope I still don’t like.  The second time around I was like “order something you like,” so I ordered an empanada and that was still a no for me. For me so far the local food is not to my liking at all BUT the pasteries and bread are phenomenal. 

When traveling you must be flexible. But in being flexible you must not be foolish and you must be prepared to lose sometimes. As a traveler you can be a meticulous planner, someone with no plans, or like me-a person with a general idea of what you want. Because I changed up my plans/schedule I lost a little money but was able to recuperate it in other ways. 

Other than these few negatives I am thoroughly enjoying myself and meeting new people along the way. 

P.S: Just a little IG video from my hike. Disregard the heavy breathing lol. 

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