Let’s talk about Cuenca

One of the best things about living in Madrid is the fact that you can explore so many surrounding cities with ease.

Cuenca is no different. Cuenca is a beautiful city about an hour and fifteen minutes by car away from Madrid. Of course this all depends on if there is traffic and how fast or slow you are driving.

Cuenca is definitely worth a day trip to walk around the old city and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Be warned though, it is definitely a lot of walking up hill. Let me repeat, a lot of walking up hill. But it’s worth it.

My favorite thing about Cuenca, were the gorgeous views it had to offer and for making me realize that I could speak Spanish for an entire day. I was beyond shocked to say the least but pleasantly surprised that I was able to communicate, be understood, and understand what is said to me all in Spanish.

Lets talk about what to do there. I have found that all Spanish cities are extremely similar. They have an old part of town that allows you to feel their history and a new part of town that is filled with buildings, shops and bars. Cuenca definitely didn’t disappoint in the history department.

Must see things:

  • The Hanging Houses and bridge


  • The rocks at the very top of the hill (I know but trust they are not ordinary rocks. The view is worth the climb)

The view, the shape of the rocks, just absorb lol

  • The Abstract Museum and the Contemporary Museum
  • The Cathedral


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