Who am I?

Hey there fellow travelers and aspiring travelers! It’s your girl Andrometa trying to live a Travical Lifestyle. I am a 27-year old slightly abnormal, above average travel enthusiast. I will be moving to Spain to embark on yet another adventure to explore my curiosity of a European lifestyle, and to write and speak Spanish fluently. (Yes, I know something educational. But nothing in life is worth it if you are not gaining knowledge from it.)

What to expect from this blog:

Through this blog I hope to dispel the misconceptions of traveling, how to go about making your travel dreams a reality, being adventurous and outgoing. I love to eat so of course I will be trying different foods and pairing it with local wines and alcohols, and of course epic pictures (I am a Selfie Genius). Most importantly, I will show you how to go on quality budget friendly trips. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, young adult, or an older adult….. A Travical Lifestyle can be as early as tomorrow.


On the Great Wall!!!!!

A little background:

I was born and raised in The Bahamas. My family and I moved to New Jersey when I was 10 years old. I studied at Rutgers University for my undergraduate degree (Go Scarlet Knights!!!) and Texas A&M University for my master’s degree (Gig’Em!!!) where I pursued my passion of public health. During my many years in school I have traveled to 5 6 of the 7 continents, mostly through the pretense of completing school-work (like the time I said I was going to Nicaragua for ‘school & a public health experience’ but quite a bit of my time was spent learning how to surf). What’s left to explore is Africa and Antarctica (I will build the fortitude eventually).

What do I love about traveling?

I love the freedom and adventure that you feel while traveling. I also love the fact that when I am traveling, I discover something new about myself. Like the time I learned I was a determined individual when I raised $5,600 at the age of 16 for my first solo trip without my family to travel to Australia. (My parents made the mistake of saying if I raised the money I could go instead of saying an outright No like they wanted to hahaha… They didn’t know what hit them!!!)

Goals I want to accomplish:

I would like to travel to at least 30 countries by the age of 30. Ahhh, this goal is accomplished because I have explored 14 22  32 countries before my 28th birthday. From climbing the great wall (my goodness what a task but oh so rewarding), to seeing the Colosseum, to climbing the Escadaria Selaron, to swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, I want to continue to explore the many wonders the world has.


The picture says it all!!

My extreme/ultimate goal is to not only visit all the continents but to live on every continent (you never know I might just love the penguins on Antarctica). Moving to Spain has knocked off another continent.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is just wonderful!
    Congratulations! May all your travel dreams come true. Can you please share how to do this to other aspiring college student, non-working travelers?


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